Cover Crops Are Seeded!

— Written By Kris Dearmin

Horticulture Agent Randy Fulk and the Stokes Extension Master Gardeners met on 10/20 to seed cover crops in the SEEDS (Stokes Educational Exploration Dirtspot) Garden at King Recreation Acres.

Fulk noted that the ideal time to seed winter cover crops is mid-September through mid-October and if home gardeners are interested in seeding their own cover crops, they need to do so as soon as possible, because they are already on the late side.

Master Gardeners Jane Bodenhamer, Ann Hayes, Pat Jensen, Alice Kiger, and Judy Nunn  were on hand to sow a mix of Austrian Winter Peas and Winter Rye into two of the nine raised beds at the SEEDS Garden. Fulk also presented an educational program about the benefits of cover cropping. Attendees received a handout (Cover Crops.2) on the uses of cover crops in the home garden.

Cover Crops
Master Garden Jane Bodenhamer prepares to sow cover crops.
Pat Jensen and Alice Kiger are also featured.
Cover Crops 2
Master Gardener Jane Bodenhamer distributes seeds into
one of the nine raised beds at the SEEDS garden.
Fellow Master Gardeners (from L-R)
Judy Nunn, Ann Hayes, Pat Jensen, and Alice Kiger look on.

For more information about the Master Gardener Program, cover crops, or the SEEDS Garden, please contact Horticulture Agent Randy Fulk for more details. You can reach him at (336) 593-8179 or