Volunteers & Donations NEEDED – Northern Stokes Food Pantry

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Northern Stokes Food Pantry thanks you for your financial donations and volunteer help. These contributions keep our doors open, and we solicit your continued support as we help feed ouR neighbors.

The Food Pantry opened four years ago, and we provide on average 50-150 pounds of food per family to 65 to 95 families twice a month. That is four hundred tons of food distributed over the past four years!

This huge endeavor requires approximately 200 volunteer-hours per month. Our volunteers work hard, have a good time, and are needed on the first and third Thursdays of each month when food is distributed to families. Many volunteers work half days (8:30 a.m. to noon or 12:30 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.). Volunteers also are needed on Wednesdays to pick up food at Second Harvest Food Bank or to unload it at the Pantry.

Success of the Food Pantry also is dependent on financial donations. Second Harvest provides us with food at extremely reduced rates (4700 pounds of food for $260 in the most recent transaction; see photo of trailer) compared to retail prices. However, their supplies are occasionally low, and food for the Food Pantry must be purchased at local supermarkets.

We respectfully invite your volunteer time and donations. If you are interested in observing how we operate, please join us on a day we are open.

Please call: 336-414- 6484 / 919-360- 2604, and/or message our Facebook page: facebook.com/northernstokesfoodpantry.

Donations can be made any day the Pantry is open. They also can be mailed to the Pantry treasurer Joel Moorefield. Please make checks to the Northern Stokes Food Pantry. Any and all donations are greatly appreciated.

Mailing address for donations:
Northern Stokes Food Pantry
Joel Moorefield
1565 Moorefield Rd.
Danbury, NC 27016