Soybean Field Event

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Soybean Field Event

You are invited to a Soybean Field Event scheduled for 6:00 p.m. on Thursday September 14. This event will be held at the Stacey and Luwanna Manning Farm at 6397 Manning Farm Rd, Rural Hall. Pesticide Credits will be available.

We will see/discuss:

1. Dr. Dunphy will present a university test that looks at products that go on with the seed and claim some level of yield enhancement

2. I’ve been discussing the idea of spreading the bloom period to help miss some of the “hot, dry periods” we seem to encounter with ever increasing frequency. Spreading the bloom period might also utilize more of the season, hopefully leading to higher average yields. Within this demo, you will get to see 4 maturity groups from 3 companies side by side, some of which are dicamba resistant.

3. We will discuss initial results of a multi-county nematode survey and how nematodes might affect soybean yield and profitability.

4. This is a farm that has Palmer pigweed concerns. We will discuss how that weed affects weed management and profitability.

5. Finally, we will discuss the pros and cons of cover cropping. This particular year, in this particular field, we had both good and bad experiences with a cover crop.