Community Spotlight Stokes County Beekeepers Association

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Stokes County Beekeepers Association logo

This Friday’s highlight goes to the Stokes County Beekeepers Association. This organization has a variety of members from experienced beekeepers to those who are new to bees to others who are just interested in learning about bees 

The Stokes County Beekeepers Association members are responsible for raising over 1 million bees in our Stokes County, providing pollination for our gardens, flowers, and crops. A personal favorite is the honey that is produced by the 1 million bees, which can be found in a variety of local stores and farmers markets throughout Stokes County.

The beekeepers sponsor the N.C. Cooperative Extension of Stokes County Bee Education program to increase public knowledge and consumer awareness of bees and beekeeping. Additionally, the members of the Stokes County Beekeepers Association provide educational information to new and future members, as well as youth, about bees. 

Here is what one member had to say about the value of the association:  

The ability to ask other members for their help and their willingness to share their knowledge with new beekeepers. The Stokes County Beekeepers Association has a passion for bees and their enthusiasm to learn new ways to raise honey bees.


So a special “Thank You” goes out to the Stokes County Beekeepers Association for all that you do for the county and your continuous support of N.C. Cooperative Extension in Stokes County.

The Stokes County Beekeepers Association has a monthly meeting every second Tuesday where they have a variety of guest speakers. If you would like to learn more or to become a member of this association, please contact the Stokes County office.