4 Paws 4-H Club Highlight

— Written By 4 paws

This week our office is highlighting one of our 4-H Clubs – the 4 Paws 4-H Club.

4 Paws is an active club with 10 or more members and volunteer leader, Pam Davis. Pam has been a volunteer for Stokes County 4-H for the past 20 years, as well as serving many roles for North Central District Volunteer Leaders’ Association and the North Carolina 4-H Volunteer Leaders’ Association. She is currently serving as the NC 4-H VLA President. 4 Paws 4-H Club meets at Brylin Obedience Specialty School, BOSS, in King. They focus on dog training, dog sports, projects and studies. Yes… some meetings they even invite their dogs!! If you’d like to learn more about the 4 Paws 4-H Club please email taylor_furr@ncsu.edu.

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