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4-H Photography Contest

Stokes County 4-H Photography Contest

Stokes County 4-Hers have the opportunity to participate in a photography contest which allows them to stay involved, get outside, and explore the world of photography!


  • Participants are allowed to submit two entries.
  • Participants must only submit one entry per category.
  • Photos must be taken between April 1st and April 30th.
  • Participants must submit a brief description of each entry (photo).
  • Entries are due May 1st at 5 p.m.
  • All entries must be emailed to


  • Nature
  • Black and White
  • People
  • Animals

boy taking photo

Please contact Taylor if you have any questions



First Place – Autumn Waters

Nature- First Place

This is a picture of the Dan River that was taken April 24th while me and my family were fishing together.

Second Place – Adilynn Doub

Nature - Second Place

This is a windmill that my family and I inherited from my great grandfather and it is very special to us. As our reminder of him, my mom fixed it up and it has been here ever since. When I see this photo it makes me feel closer to my great grandfather, and all the memories that I have of him and will cherish forever.

Third Place – Shepherd Moorefield

Nature - Third Place

After learning about depth of field, I wanted to find something small in nature and make it the center of attention. This is a blossom on a Plum tree in our front yard.

Fourth Place – Brooke Kalish

Nature - Fourth Place

A redbud tree blossoming.


First place – Autumn Waters

Animal - First Place

This is a picture of my cat, Neville. He loves sleeping in our crate on our front porch.

Second place – Jazlynn Harmon

Animal Second place

This picture is of my pet guinea pig enjoying the spring grass.


First Place – Shepherd Moorefield

People First

I wanted to take a photo of people so I chose my mom and dad. I thought it would be neat to focus on their hands. This shows their togetherness. I also wanted it to be in black and white so I simply turned down the saturation and I turned up the contrast.

Black and White:

First Place – Adilynn Doub

B&W First

This is my little brother, Hudson, and he is one year old. When I see this photo, it melts my heart and it shows how sweet and curious he can be. This moment reminds me of how, when I was little, I would love to find a field of dandelions, and blow every last one. It reminds me to stop and enjoy the simple things.