Stokes County 4-H 2018 Summer Fun

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Note: You are viewing the 2018 Summer Fun information.

Guess what time it is? Summer Fun time!

Hello Summer


We hope your child is looking forward to spending some of their time with us this summer! We have a lot of educational, yet fun, programs planned this year!

Please be sure to read the Summer Fun packet in its’ entirety! There is very important information listed on the second page in regards to participation. Read each class carefully and pay attention to the age limit, class time, and class size. A list of classes that have become full will be added to the top of this page as they become full. This is a first come, first serve basis.

To sign up, complete the registration form and 4-H enrollment form (in packet attached below) and return with payment to the Stokes County 4-H office as soon as possible to reserve a spot. Forms along with payment MUST be brought to the office. They CANNOT be mailed!

Here is the 2018 Stokes County Summer Fun packet! Enjoy!


This program is made possible by the Stokes County 4-H, North Carolina Cooperative Extension and United Fund of Stokes County. Activities are open to any youth in Stokes County. Please adhere to workshop descriptions; workshop limits, fees, dates, times, and age limits (if you are interested in your child participating in a program that they do not fit age limits, please contact the 4-H office for more info). All workshops are offered on a first come first serve basis, spaces will be held for one week without registration & payment then released to public. All fees are non-refundable.  In addition, all activities are subject to change or be cancelled.

Register early to secure your spot! Each program will have a waiting list if they fill up.

Please make checks payable to: STOKES COUNTY 4-H

Stokes County 4-H

700 N Main St

PO Box 460

Danbury, NC 27016


Please contact the 4-H office with any questions at 336-591-8179 or email Taylor Furr at

If you are interested in volunteering for any event, please contact the 4-H office to let us know; help would be greatly appreciated!

Please note:

*4-H scholarship dollars can be used for these events, but make sure to note that on the registration form.

*If a 4-Her signs up for a workshop and does not attend, the fees will still be deducted from their scholarship money.

*If your child does not follow the 4-H code of conduct and is asked to leave, fees will not be refunded.

***Please adhere to the time frame of the programs. Drop off and pick up according to the time states.

*Any events that are outside please bring close toed shows, sunscreen, bug repellent, and any sun protection items you will need!! North Carolina state law requires that all children who are under the age of 8 and under 80 pounds ride in a properly used car seat or booster seat, so if you sign your child up for an event that involves transportation, please bring the proper seat for your child.