It’s National Forage Week!

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Let’s celebrate national forage week! There are many benefits of forages, even beyond being feedstuff for livestock. flyer

Here are some forage fun facts:

  • According to the USDA Climate Change Resource Center “…..the global potential for carbon sequestration from restoring degraded grasslands is significant, with the possibility to sequester approximately 3 gross tonnes C per year—equivalent to reducing atmospheric CO2 by 50 ppm over 50 years” Properly managed grasslands already sequester carbon!
  • Grasslands cover approximately 25% of the earth’s surface–the ocean covers around 70%.
  • Forages are a large source of nectar and pollen for honey bees.
  • Just like other plants, there are different species of forages that grow during specific seasons. There are also perennial and annual forage species.
  • Diverse mixtures of forage species promote biodiversity in the soil.
  • Forages can provide wildlife habitat for species such as birds and small mammals