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NC Cooperative Extension Service

Farm Storage Facility
Loan Webinar

The United States Department of Agriculture Farm Service Agency(FSA) Outreach Office is sponsoring a public webinar on the Farm Storage Facility Loan on Tuesday, August 9 at 2 p.m. EDT. Toni Williams, FSFL Program Manager, will be presenting. Need Commodity Storage? The Farm Storage Facility Loan (FSFL) can help http://www.fsa.usda.gov/programs-and-services/price-support/facility-loans/farm-storage/ The Farm Storage Facility Loan Program provides low-interest financing so producers can build or upgrade permanent or portable facilities to store commodities. Learn how this program may be able to help your operation. Register: https://cc.readytalk.com/registration/#/?meeting=yo781zkzek4k&campaign=lm6z0om1kp0s


Stokes Cooperative
Extension to Host Cover Crop Class

Stokes Cooperative Extension will offer the class Cover Crop Basics at the Cooperative Extension office at 700 North Main Street in Danbury on Tuesday, September 27 from 3:00 PM to 5:00 PM. Topics discussed will include Benefits of Cover Crops, Preparing for Cover Crops, Cover Crops Varieties for Our Area, Cover Crops as Food for Wildlife, and Sources for Cover Crop Seed. Cover crops are crops not intended as cash crops that serve to improve soils, increase water retention, control erosion, attract beneficial insects, and reduce fertilizer costs. Cover crops can scaled for a variety of applications such as home gardens, small scale market producers, and lager scale agricultural operations. Instructors will be Stokes Cooperative Extension Horticulture Agent Randy Fulk and Forsyth Cooperative Extension Small Farms and Local Foods Agent Mary Jac Brennen. Cost of the class is $10 which will include a copy of the Sustainable Agriculture and Research publication Managing Cover Crops Profitably. Advance registration is requested. To register for the class or for more information contact Randy Fulk, horticulture Agent at 336-593-8179 or by email at randy_fulk@ncsu.edu

NC Cooperative Extension Service

Pesticide Recertification
Credits Offered in Categories, V, X, H, L, N, and D

There will be a 2 credit hour V Safety Training course held on Wednesday, August 24th at 1:00PM at the Stokes Cooperative Extension office at 700 North Main St. in Danbury. This course is worth 2 credit hours in category V. Please call Randy Fulk at 336-593-8179 to register to attend. There will be a 2 credit hour X Pesticide Safety Education course held on Wednesday, August 24th at 3:00PM at the Stokes Cooperative Extension office at 700 North Main St. in Danbury. This course is worth 2 credit hours in categories X, L, N, H, and D. Please call Randy Fulk at 336-593-8179 to register to attend.


Agricultural Training
Classes at Forsyth Tech Stokes County Center

Sponsored by the NC Tobacco Trust Fund Commission August 2016 8/9 – 8/27 Chicken 101 & Chicken Tractors (108093) Raising chickens can be fun and very rewarding! Did you know that you can now raise chickens in your backyard within urban areas (BYC)? This course will explain the laws and restrictions, what supplies you need to get started along with how to maintain and care for your chicks. There are great rewards (FRESH EGGS) just waiting for you.  Tues 5:30-8:30pm, Sat 8am-12pm. Cost: $30.  Note: There will be a hands on portion where you build a chicken tractor. 8/18 – 9/1 Composting, Vermiculture, Soil Preparation (108114) The success of your plants growth is determined by your soil. The health of your soil will determine the plant’s production and quality. This course will introduce you to the basics of composting and creating healthy soil. This includes soil structure, natural and local sources of nutrients, and the diversity and number of microbes and other organisms that live in the soil. Composting is a means of recycling organic waste into useable nutrients. Vermiculture, which is using earth worms to convert nutrient dense materials into usable plant food called castings will also be covered. Thu 5:30-7:30pm. Cost: $25 September 2016 9/12 – 9/26 Raised Beds & Maximizing Yield (108116) Would you like to get a deep layer of fertile soil? One of the fastest ways is to make a raised bed. Raised beds yield up to four times more vegetables than the same amount of space planted in rows. This is due to their loose soil and efficient spacing. Join us as we learn this growing technique.  Mon 6-8pm.  Cost: $25 9/17/16 Agricultural Tourism Workshop Have you ever thought about starting a business on your farm?  Agritourism is a great way to share the farm experience with the public and even out your revenue stream.  Agritourism also provides environmental sustainability and promotes and protects local food systems.  Annie Baggett, NC Agritourism Marketing Specialist, will discuss the basics to starting your own business on the farm.  Sat 9-11am.  Cost: FREE 9/20-9/27 Raising Healthy Goats (108117) Learn what it takes to care for your goats. This course will introduce you to basic health, nutrition, food source, and many other aspects of goat farming. You will explore the many resources that goats provide to you as well as the market value of goats’ milk and meat. Tue 6-8pm, Sat (9/24) 9a-12pm. Cost: $25 9/29/16 Grow Tunnels / Prolonging the Growing Season (108121) Learn to prolong your growing season by learning more about the use of high tunnels. This class will focus on what you can grow, how to improve your crops’ yield, and other ways to enhance your methods of plant growth.  Tue 5:30-8:30pm.  Cost: $10 October 2016 10/1 – 10/8 Building Solar Panels (108123) Learn to build your first solar panel! You will be using common materials to capture natural heat from the sun. Start saving your soda cans to use as a part of the solar collector. You will need to bring 60 empty cans and have time to have a little fun.  Sat 8am-12pm.  Cost: $45 10/4/16 Basic Keyboarding for Farmers Would you like to keep your farm records on a computer spreadsheet?  Would you like to have financial records organized, up-to-date, and available at the click of a mouse?  This class will introduce you the basics of operating a computer as well as setting up and maintaining a spreadsheet for recordkeeping.  Tue 5-7pm.  Cost: FREE 10/6 – 10/20   Introduction to Beekeeping This introductory class will teach you everything you need to know to start your own colony.   Thu 6-8pm Cost: (to be announced) 10/11 – 10/18   Capturing Rainwater / Preventing Erosion (108125) Water can be one of our most valued resources and can be an agent that can destroy our farm lands and streams. In this course you will learn about permeable surfaces and how it affects water runoff as well as the effects that it has on your farmland and the surrounding rivers and streams. You will also learn permaculture, which is a creative design process based on whole system thinking.  Tue 5:30-8:30pm.  Cost: $20 10/29  Building a Cold Frame (108127) Would you like to extend your growing season and maximize your harvest? One of the easiest ways to extend the growing and harvest season is to build a warm space around plants. In this course you will build a cold frame to take to your farm for immediate use in starting your seedlings and protecting your plants. A cold frame is simply an enclosed area with a clear top to let in sunlight. With a few basic supplies and your imagination you will learn how to build a cold frame.  Sat 8am-12pm.  Cost: $25 November 2016 11/1 Tax Preparation, Estate and Succession Planning for Farmers The “business” side of farming is oftentimes the most stressful.  Understanding tax laws and preparing for the future can be overwhelming.  Barry Amburn, CPA, with Cannon Wealth Management Services and Michael Bennett, Attorney, Bennett and West law firm, will provide important information to help you insure your farm is protected.   Tues 6pm-8pm.  FREE 11/5 – 11/12   Building Grow Tunnels (108128) Give your plants and seeds a jump start as the days become colder and the daylight shorter. Grow tunnels help warm the soil and provide a temperature in which many cold season vegetables can grow as well as help seeds stay warm and germinate, so they’re ready for spring planting.  Sat 8am-12pm.  Cost $50 11/15 Advanced Post Harvest Handling For Enhanced Shelf Life The economic success of fruit and vegetable production is highly dependent on postharvest quality preservation. When marketing fresh fruits and vegetables, understanding the processes affecting product quality during storage and transportation is essential in obtaining a premium price for the product.  To assist growers in developing skills that will provide a competitive advantage within the fresh produce market, the NC Growing Together Project (NCGT) will offer a series of Postharvest Physiology, Pathology and Handling Workshops, in collaboration with the North Carolina Cooperative Extension. Participants will learn approaches and technologies to maintain product quality and extend shelf-life, limiting postharvest disorders and loss of sales.  November 15 from 9:00 - 4:00pm.  Cost $ 35.00.  This training will be held at the Northwest Forsyth Center in King, NC. December 2016 12/6 Introduction to Hops The craft beer business is booming and locally grown and sourced hops is increasing in demand!  Learn more about this new business opportunity as well as what it takes to grow hops in our area.  Tues 5:30-8:30pm.  Cost $10.00 Please call Sally Elliott at (336) 593-5402 ext. 1101 for more information or to register for these classes.All classes to be held at the Forsyth Tech Stokes Center unless otherwise noted.

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